Ready to launch your business?

Each person’s journey is different but eventually each business needs to go through some foundational steps.

Our program is broken down into separate phases to help each team best position themselves for future success

5 Phases to Scale your Business

💥 Inspire

Do you have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur? Is starting a company really a good fit for your desired lifestyle and goals?

In this first series of lectures, you’ll learn the disciplines required to build a multimillion dollar enterprise and how to tell whether or not your idea is worth pursuing. How much are you willing to sacrifice to bring your vision to life? What would it take to leave your full time job or quit school to commit full time to making your dream a reality? When and how do you find co-founders? 

💥 Validate

Are you committed to bringing your idea to life? Can you devote 20 to 40 hours per week to find out what customers really want?

In the next phase, you’ll be starting conversations with your potential customers and seeking to understand more about the problem you want to solve and the market you wish to serve. A large portion of startups fail because they are building something no one wants. Life is too short to do build the wrong thing. By the end of this phase each team should have interviewed over 100 potential customers and closed several deals.

💥 Initiate

Have you closed a few deals and are intimately aware of what your customers want? Are you working on your venture fulltime?

With a detailed business model canvas in hand and a list of customers ready to sign up, you can finally turn to building your business and starting to service your customers. Many companies fail due to premature growth, therefore it’s essential you create the right systems and processes to handle rapid growth. At the end of this phase, you will have a repeatable sales funnel, completed 10x more sales and identified the organizational structured needed for rapid growth.

💥 Grow

Is your company up and running? Are you starting to see some traction and looking for ways to grow exponentially?

Now it’s time to put your business model to the test and see if how fast you can grow. Your company is ready to close new deals and tie up any lose ends as you work the last mile toward product-market fit. These next 6 months can make the difference between a #30 million evaluation and #100 million evaluation as you start conversations with institutional investors. The goal of this time period is to reach 10% to 20% month-over-month growth and close a Series A round of funding.

💥 Scale

Are you looking to raise a Series A round of funding from Venture Capitalists or did you just close your first round? Are you ready to start scaling your business?

With a solid foundation, you can add fuel to the fire of your startup and ride the rocket sky high! It’s time to start building your culture defining team and over deliver on the roadmap promised to investors. Can your company grow 4x in 18 months? Do you know what it takes to build the right culture and find the right employees? Are you prepared to start leading a village? At the end of this stage, you should be ready for series B funding and have a top-notch organization to provide unparalleled offerings to your customers.