Financing For Startups (Part 2)


FINANCING FOR STARTUPS (2) STARTUP FINANCING In case you missed it, this is a continuation of Financing for Startups, so please checkout the first article before reading this one. Bank Loans: Though not the first go for most founders, it is actually a credible source of financing with measurable risks and flexible options for both short, medium […]

Financing For Startups (Part 1)


FINANCING FOR STARTUPS (PART 1) STARTUP FINANCING Most often, the entrepreneurial journey for startup founders is bedeviled with the need for “money and more money”. Consequently, the ultimate challenge has always been ‘where to get the needed funds’? How do you go about convincing people to invest in you, your idea/startup? Whether you want to […]

Financial Literacy For Startup Founders

Financial Literacy For Startup Founders

FINANCIAL LITERACY FOR STARTUP FOUNDERS FINANCIAL LITERACY While most startup founders possess basic entrepreneurial skills (creative thinking, networking, marketing, technical skills and the rest), a good number of founders likewise have little or no knowledge on basic startup finance and management. Founders who have no background in finance, more often than not, shy away from […]

Why not to Raise Money from Outside Investors

WHY NOT TO RAISE MONEY FROM OUTSIDE INVESTORS BOOTSTRAP FINANCING Usually, a large number of small and medium scale enterprises (SME’s) that make up a large portion of the economy are bootstrapped as they start small with the money that they have together with reinvested net profits to gradually grow their businesses. But what about […]