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Startup Kai exists to help raise people out of poverty through disciple making and entrepreneurship. By identifying and training talented entrepreneurs, we hope to empower them to build high growth ventures to employ hundreds or thousands of people. We also come alongside SMEs to give them the inspiration, education, coaching and mentorship needed to be successful.

Program Overview

The Startup Kai journey has two tracks: one for exponential growth ventures (e.g. Scalable ventures) and one for linear growth ventures (e.g. SMEs). Each one has a three phase training program then followed by potential investment for exponential growth ventures or expansion loans for linear growth businesses. These programs both come with a mentor network and accountability groups to help each individual succeed.

In the future, we hope to expand to include various support services for small businesses including: marketing, legal, accounting, etc.

We are developing a discipleship focused curriculum for Christians who want to have a larger kingdom impact and transform the culture through business.



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